University of British Financial Capacity and Sustainability in Human Services Discussion

Discussion 2: Financial Capacity and Sustainability in Human Services

Receiving funding from a grant or other source
of funds is a great accomplishment. Once the funding is received, the
human services organization must be able to manage the funds
effectively. The organization must also develop a plan to sustain the
program after the funding period ends or the potential for change from
the funded program may be limited.

For this
Discussion, review the budget provided in the grant proposal that you
discussed in Discussion 1 of this Week. Consider how you would
prioritize budgetary needs and fundraise to continue covering costs of
this program after the grant period has ended.

By Day 4

Post a brief description of the
budget presented in the grant proposal you selected. Describe how you
might alter the budget after the grant ended or which budget items you
would prioritize as you sought additional funding to continue the
program. Explain why you would make these changes or prioritize specific
budget items. Finally, explain how you would fundraise to meet the
budget priorities.

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