What can a forensic examiner determine by the analysis of fractured window panes? What evidence can be gathered by measuring the density of a glass fragment?

Writing assignments are judged on the quality of the response in regard to
the question. Word count is NOT one of the criteria that is used in assigning
points to writing assignments. However, students who are successful in earning
the maximum number of points tend to submit writing assignments that fall in
the following ranges:•Undergraduate courses: 400 words per question.

Citation StylesThe majority of your response should be your own original
writing based on what you have learned from the textbook. However, students may
also use outside materials if applicable. Be sure to provide a citation and a
reference for any materials used, including the required textbook. The
following points are designed to help you understand how to provide proper
citations and references for your work:•Sources are listed in two places.•The
first, a citation, is briefly listed within your answer. Thisincludes
identifying information that directs the reader to your list of references at
the end of your writing assignment.•The second, a reference, is at the end of
your work in the list of references section.•All sources cited should follow
APA style and provide enough identifying information so that the reader can
access the original material

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