Why are some occupations paid more than others?

  • Trade, Transportation, and Utilities Employment – CES4000000001
  • Retrieve and save a Microsoft® Excel®
    file and the graphs to your desktop for analysis. You will have to
    check the “include graph” box along the top of the page to see the
    graph, and you will need to copy and paste the graph separately into
    your Microsoft® Excel® document.

    Tutorial help on Excel® and PowerPoint® functions can be found on the
    Microsoft® office website. There are also additional tutorials via the
    web that offer support for office products.

    Consider the following two articles, located in the Week 4 Electronic Reserve Readings, discussing actor salaries and hedge fund executives’ average salaries:

    • “Robert Downey Junior is Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actor”
    • “In Tough Year, Hedge Fund Leaders Still Paid Well: Average Salary of $467M Was Half 2013, Report Says”

    Online Classes: Prepare and present 1 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation-analysis.

    Include the following content in the presentation:

    • Why do actors and actresses earn so much compared to the chosen labor group?

    Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources, not including the textbook and required economic data.

    Format consistent with APA guidelines.

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