2 homework assignments

I need help with 2 assignments.

The first is article reviews instructions in link labeled Assignment 1 so the links labeled article 1 and article 2 go with it.

The 2nd assignment I have added the case study and part A for this assignment what is needed for this assignment is below needs to be in APA format

Part B

  1. Explain the symptoms of the diagnosis provided in the case study. Then explain how this diagnosis will affect the individual in the case study. This is simply an application of what you learned about mental health disorders in Module 02. What are the symptoms of the disorder? Good advocacy requires that education of the client is indicated. Educate your client about the diagnosis. What does the client need to know about this disorder?
  2. Design 3 goals and 3 objectives that would support health and wellness as well as overall good behavioral health functioning.

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