Business to Consumer company design

1. (25 points) Choose a Business to Consumer (B2C) service provider electronic commerce company. It can be a real/existing or fictitious company. Elaborate on what this company is providing. Then, choose two of any available business models. They both should be a good fit, but one should be the best fit among these models. Explain why both models are good for your company, and why one is best. Elaborate your answer.

2. (25 points) In the company you have chosen above, you are thinking about opening a large social media marketing division. The regular marketing/revenue-generating models of your company will remain intact. Please discuss whether it is a good idea to move to social media marketing. If you decide to do it, please discuss what will be the advantages and disadvantages of moving to social media marketing.

3. (20 points) Choose a B2C e- commerce company. How would you develop your company strategy? Please explain how they relate to your specific company.

4. (30 points) Choose any e-commerce business of your liking. It can be B2B or B2C. What kind of infrastructure would you need for your company? What steps would you take for a seamless integration in your business, and why? Finally, when and how would you determine whether your infrastructure development was successful?

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