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I live in the DC/Maryland area.

This is a discussion posting. It does not have to be very lengthy. It just needs to hit the points and fulfill the request.

4-1 Discussion: Home Purchase

Consider the life-changing decision of buying a first home.

Search on an internet site for a home available for sale in your area. Given current mortgage interest rates, property tax estimates, the cost of upkeep, insurance, utilities, and other costs (at a minimum), do you believe buying this home is a wise financial decision?

Now compare the cost of rent for an apartment of similar size in the same area. How does this compare with the cost of maintaining a home for one year?

Create a short but detailed analysis of your findings that compares the total cost of the purchase of a home with the total cost to rent an apartment. Which decision is optimal? Are there any qualitative points to consider in addition to your calculation?

In responding to your peers, comment on their decision and rationale.

Note to document references in APA format.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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