Discussion question: 19th Century United States

1. How did Mary McLeod Bethune symbolize the changes for the African American community brought on by Reconstruction? How did African American women become community activists during and after Reconstruction? Use at least 3 assigned sources in your answer (primary and/or secondary). (2-3 Paragraphs).

2.How is Frontier Thesis similar to but different from Manifest Destiny? How was Native American removal implicitly and/or explicitly seen as a necessity for US expansion in both of these theories? Use Frontier Thesis, Annexation, and one additional appropriate assigned reading of your choosing. (1-2 paragraphs)

3.Explain the Compromise of 1850. What was popular sovereignty? Why did the Compromise of 1850 invalidate the Missouri Compromise? Why did the sectional crisis intensify in the 1850s? Use at least 3 assigned sources (primary and/or secondary). (2-3 paragraphs).

This is a timed discussion and all the required reading were uploaded.

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