Field Experience: Behavior Interventions and Social Skills Instruction

Allocate a total of 15 hours to complete this clinical field experience.

Visit an educational setting that includes one or more students with an ASD diagnosis. Select a student to observe and instruct in order to complete the following activities, culminating in a 750-1,000-word summary:

Part 1: Design and Implement an Intervention

Identify and observe a student with an ASD diagnosis. Take notes on the observation that includes age, strengths, needs, and interests.

Identify a social-skill-related behavior that requires intervention and a rationale for changing the behavior. Consider how the behavior affects the student’s relationships (teacher-student, peer-to-peer) and the classroom environment.

Research three evidence-based practices related to social skills instruction. Select the practice you believe would be best for meeting the needs of this student.

Based on your observations and research, write an objective for a target behavior in one complete sentence. This objective must include:

  1. A description of the behavior in observable, measurable terms;
  2. Conditions under which the target behavior is expected to occur;
  3. Criteria for mastery in observable measurable terms; and
  4. Measurable verb (behavior).

Select an assessment tool to assess the student.

Implement the assessment and identify baseline data for the student.

Develop an intervention strategy.

Implement the intervention strate

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