Globalization Discussion Response help

Use the provided readings by Bello, Evans, and Plyers to discuss how organizations like WTO and international monetary fund could be strengthened. In what ways would they need to change to reflect more diversity and how would their platforms need to change? Respond with at least 300 words. 

Refer to the following readings in the provide reference to answer this question. 

Counterhegemonic Globalization by Evans in GR, 548-554

The Global Justice Movement by Pleyers in GR, 551-560

The Global South by Bello in GR, 561-565

Ecological Balance in an Era of Globalizationby Shiva in GR,  566-574

Tomorrow Begins Today by Marcos in GR, 575-579

Porto Alegre Call for Mobilization by World Social Forum in GR, 580-582

A Better World is Possible by International Forum on Globalization in GR, 583-593

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