News Analysis(written 1page ,single ) &Presentation(PPT)

Choose a article analysis and set up PPT

1) Copy of the article,(After Nov.10 2019)

2) Your analysis,(summary and how to relate to class)

3) References,

The news analysis exercise should be considered as a mini-lecture for the class. Required to
Select an Article that appeared in the financial press, either in Financial Times, The
Economist or Wall Street Journal(After Nov.10 2019) This article will be one that illustrates or amplifies concepts we have
discussed in class or raises questions about how these concepts apply in practice. A
good analysis will summarize the story and show how the reported phenomenon
conforms to the theory or diverges from what the theory predicts.

…I have some examples from last year you can reference(see attached )

and class concept learn so far(see screenshot)

Concept want to pick the most easy like :Foreign Exchange: Currencies and Crises;Balance of Payments;The Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes;Exchange Rate Regimes Currency Unions and Dollarization;The Market for Foreign Exchange;The Euro; Factors Affecting Currency Union Decision Eurozone vs. US as Optimum Currency Areas

or any relate to class is easy to understand

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