Northern Virginia Community College Urban and Suburban Areas Research Paper

  1. Watch the video, Retrofitting the Suburbs [Duration 19:23] (Links to an external site.).
  2. As you watch the video, make note of concepts such as:
    • ‘retrofitting’
    • suburbanites lifestyles
    • rising gas prices
    • cost of housing and transportation
    • ‘commercial strips’
    • how demographics have changed in the last 30 years for the suburbs
    • underused parking lots
    • third places
    • redevelopment

    You will now have knowledge of what it means to retrofit the suburbs.

  3. Now that you have viewed the video lecture, “Retrofitting the Suburbs,” write a journal entry in which you discuss at least four of the terms listed in the video assignment. I would like for you to include in your journal your own observations and experiences of either living in or going to the suburbs. How is life different in the suburbs than inside a major city like Washington, D.C.?

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