Socioeconomic Status on Public Health Financing Needs, homework help

A socioeconomic impact assessment examines how a proposed development will change the lives of current and future residents of a community. The indicators used to measure the potential socioeconomic impacts of a development include the following:

  • Changes in community demographics
  • Results of retail/service and housing market analyses
  • Demand for public services
  • Changes in employment and income levels
  • Changes in the aesthetic quality of the community

Quantitative measurement of such factors is an important component of the socioeconomic impact assessment. At the same time, the perceptions of community members about how a proposed development will affect their lives are a critical part of the assessment and should contribute to any decision to move ahead with a project. In fact, gaining an understanding of community values and concerns is an important first step in conducting a socioeconomic impact assessment.

The socioeconomic impacts of a proposed development on a community may actually begin the day the project is proposed. Changes in social structure and inter-actions among community members may occur once the new development is proposed to the community. In addition, real, measurable and often significant effects on the human environment can begin to take place as soon as there are changes in social or economic conditions. From the time of the earliest announcement of a pending policy change or development project, attitudes toward the project are formed, interest groups and other coalitions prepare strategies, speculators may lock up potentially important properties, and politicians can maneuver for position.

For this Discussion, review the media, “Multi-Media PowerPoint Financing Public Health,” and the Learning Resources. Then, consider the socioeconomic status of communities. Explain how this status may drive financing need for public health initiatives for the underserved populations in these communities.

With these thoughts in mind:

By Day 3

Write (2 page, 3-4 References, APA format) an explanation for whether or not socioeconomic status should be used to allocate resources for public health financing. Explain how the socioeconomic status of communities drives the financing need for public health initiatives to provide for underserved populations.

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