Supervision Reflection

In this discussion forum, you are asked to reflect on your experiences of supervision as a supervisee. You can reflect on any type of supervision, it does not have to be in the field of social work.

While it is likely that you have been part of several supervisory relationships, choose only one in which you were the supervisee so that you can refer to that experience in this reflection. It should be a supervisory experience that had some significant impact on you, either positive or negative. After taking a few moments to reflect, please respond to the following questions:

  1. Provide the context of this supervisory experience, i.e., the type of workplace, your position/role at this place of employment; and who your supervisor was. You do not need to disclose the supervisor’s name, but please provide the job title/role they had and some detail on its relation to your position.
  2. Why did you choose this supervisory experience to reflect on? Why do you consider it a significant experience?
  3. How would you describe the supervisory style of this person? Would you consider it to be effective? Why or Why Not? If this style of supervision was ineffective, what would you do differently if you were in that role? If it was a positive experience, what about it would you want to emulate in your own role as a supervisor?
  4. Supervisors teach, mentor/coach, consult and facilitate the professional develop of supervisees in the process of assuring that work tasks are complete, clients are served and the organization’s mission or purpose is achieved. Which of these functions did your supervisor excel in? Was it helpful to you? If not, what function or aspect of the supervisory process would have been more helpful to you?
  5. If you have experience of being a supervisor, are their things you learned from the supervisor cited above that you now incorporate into your own practice? If yes, what are they? If no, how come?
  6. Think about yourself in the role of supervisor and share what strengths you will bring and where you anticipate you will be challenged.


400 Words APA format

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