Taft College Mulholland Dream Video Question

While watching the video and studying the Week 10 materials, answer the questions below. Short
answers, one word or one sentence will suffice except questions 15 and 16 which should be a short
paragraph. Number your answers but don’t copy the questions. Submit as a document using the link
provided with the assignment in the Week 10 Materials.

Mulholland’s Dream video is linked in the Week 10 materials and also available on YouTube at

1. What kind of climate system is found in the American West?
2. What was the first river that Los Angeles completely used up?
3. What was the main reason Mulholland wanted to divert the Owens River to LA?
4. What valley was bought up by the Syndicate once the Owens River was being diverted to LA?
5. What did the Syndicate want to do with land in the San Fernando Valley?
6. What were conditions like during the construction of the aqueduct from Owens Valley to LA?
7. What was Mulholland’s education level?
8. What did Mulholland want to do with the Yosemite Valley?
9. In what year did the first reservoir break? What was its name? Describe the losses.
10. In 1934 LA built a second aqueduct to get water from what river?
11. What Lake did LA begin pumping from in 1936?
12. In 1966 LA acquired a third river. What is its name and how far north is it?
13. In 1970 what did LA do to Mono Lake that made environmentalists decide to do something?
14. Where did dust storms occur? Why did they occur and were they harmful? In what way?
15. One often hears that “LA stole the Owens River from the ranchers in the Owens Valley”. After
watching the video and reading about the LA Aqueduct, what’s your opinion on this
statement? (answer with a couple of sentences or a short paragraph)
16. Why do you think that LA often has a bad reputation for taking Owens River water but one
rarely hears about San Francisco taking water from the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite
National Park? (answer with a couple of sentences or a short paragraph)
17. Look up the current level of Mono Lake on the Mono Lake Committee website
(www.monolake.org ). How does it compare to the level mandated by the California Water
Board? At the top of the website click on Learn, then pick State of the Lake. The information
you need is found there.

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