write a one-page summary

MADE Extra Credit Assignment


This assignment will be worth up to 1% of the overall grade in the class. Students should find an article from the list of potential topics below and write a one-page summary. In this summary you should include an overview of the article, an explanation of how this applies to the MADE at TU class, and what you learned.

“ MADE at TU : Make a Difference Engineering. “ to be known what is MADE at TU

Topic Options:

Recent advancements in biomedical research

Sporting equipment used in Special Olympics or the Paralympics

New therapy techniques being studied or tested

Word Count: Between 500-750 words

Students should include the link to the article and the word count at the bottom of the summary. Copying and pasting direct sections from the article is plagiarism and is not acceptable. This is an individual assignment. Students should find their own articles. Identical assignments will not be accepted.

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