Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College The Past & Future of Marine Science Essay

Considering ethical questions is part of a marine scientist’s job. Part of being ethical is doing your homework and exploring all sides of an issue. Choose a current ethical issue in marine science, such as the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), conditions in fish farms, or another topic your instructor approves. Find two perspectives supporting one side of the ethical issue and two supporting the other. Be sure to use reliable sources, such as university web sites or newspaper/magazine articles. Create an outline with at least five points for each side. Then write a brief paragraph explaining what you believe an ethical choice around this issue is. Remember, ethical problems are difficult because both sides have valid points. Be sure to consider and discuss at least one point you think is valid from the side that you disagree with in your conclusion as you explain why your choice is the ethical one. Also, include a list of sources that you used. Two is the minimum for each point of view.

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