Applied Ethics Case

Develop a one page (single spaced) Case Study that presents a real-world professional ethics dilemma based on your experience. Your dilemma should be about Professor-Student Relationship.  The following two quotes should illuminate the issue.

the modern teacher will think of himself not so much as a schoolmaster but as a
life master doing from another angle what the social worker does in his sphere,
then he will be striving for all the knowledge available which could help him
in his task. He will try to educate a generation of youth which combines
emotional stability with a flexible mind; yet he will only succeed if he is
capable of seeing each of the problems of
the new generation against the background o f a changing world”

Karl Mannheim

tolerance, he writes, is a cover for cowardice because it encourages teachers
to not deal with students as whole people. As professional teachers, we are
often urged to deal only with parts of our students-the parts learning
philosophy. We are cautioned against entering into full human relationships
with students, with the admonition that to do so would be unprofessional.
Refusing to care about what my students believe-being tolerant of all
substantive beliefs-is part of this attitude of alienated and cowardly

Hugh Wilder

Please arrange the presentations in the following manner for uniformity of evaluation by peers. Use the words in BOLD CAPS as section headings for your study.

A. INTRODUCTION: Identify and describe the ethical dilemma or moral issue (not more than 125 words).

B. BACKGROUND: Provide any pertinent background information, including history of the problem in context, connection to other dilemmas in that workplace, or relationships that dictate constraints on, or opportunities for resolving the dilemma.

C. QUESTIONS: Provide at least two questions that need to be answered in order to address the dilemma.

D. DECISION: Do some brief research and provide a description of a decision-making model that can be used effectively in the resolution process. Provide a hyperlink to a source for this decision model.


Please remove personal identification information from the persons or institutions you discuss in your Case Study. You may create fictional names or use letters as variables for names, e.g., “Ms. Y”.

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