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Read the introduction of the discussion at first, and then read the two response in the document( I attached below). write comments for each of them, 150 words for each of them. Use your own words to write that and give some deep opinions in there. Thanks.

Introduction: When President Roosevelt (FDR) took office in 1932, in response to the economic crisis the country (the world for that matter) was facing, he said “We need to do something, if that doesn’t work, do something else, but for God’s sake, do something.” That statement says a lot about what FDR believed about the role of government in providing for the Welfare of the American people. What do you think he meant by that? What alternative (or polar opposite) position was he responding to? While we will revisit this theme again, what do you think the legacy of the New Deal is in social welfare and what is your opinion about the role of government?

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