dominated correctional practice, law homework help

You must select 2 of the
following 3 questions to answer. 

Limit your responses to 1
page (double spaced, #12 Font) per question.

Make certain that you
include examples to support your response.

1. Twenty five years ago,
the “three P’s”—probation, prisons, and parole—dominated correctional practice.
Today all kinds of activities come under the heading of corrections. Identify
at least three other practices or programs that are considered part of
corrections. Discuss how their existence has fostered the growth of corrections 1 page

2. Identify the two
reasons why the prison population is aging. What consequences does this have
for corrections? What distinct advantages and challenges does the elderly
inmate present? Should we continue to incarcerate people past a certain age?
Why or why not?1 page

3. Compare and
contrast the Pennsylvania system to the New York system of corrections. Discuss
the pros and cons of each. Are any of the concepts still used in prisons today?
If so how, and if not, why not? 1 page



Instructions: Type all of your answers. Include the specific
question at the beginning of your response (Double Space, Number 12 Font).
Limit your response to 1 page per question. 

1. What is the essential difference between substantive criminal
law and procedural criminal law? Provide examples for each. 1 page

2. Should morality, in and of itself, be a sufficient basis for
defining particular conduct as criminal? Give reasons to support your view.1 page

3. Compare and contrast the functions of trial and appellate
courts. How are they similar? How are they different? Provide examples.1 page

4. What factors do you think a prosecutor should take into
consideration in determining whether to prosecute an individual the police have
arrested for possession of illegal drugs? Provide examples.    1 page

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