FES 4014 KCC The Unusual Epidemic Known as The Spanish Flu in 1918 Analysis

Over the past couple of years we all, of course, have been impacted by the COVID-19 emergency. Since there is historical precedence for pandemics in the United States, I thought it would be good for us to conduct a comparison between our current one and the one that occurred in 1918 called the “Spanish Flu.” If you have not looked at that before, I think you will be surprised at the similarities between the two events that are over 100 years apart. This course is focused on the “evolution of emergency management” so this will provide us an opportunity to see how much we have “evolved” in this type of emergency. After viewing the FEMA PrepTalk video and reading the assigned article, please write up an APA formatted paper, comparing and contrasting the two events. Be sure to identify a few similarities and some ways that this current situation differs from the one in 1918. Also, comment on whether you thought John Barry was correct in his predictions of what the next pandemic would be like, since we are now, hopefully, coming out of this one. (and there are concerns we may have others in the future, which makes studying these events even more important)

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