Final Analytic Project

Project Rationale

This project will utilize the amalgam of your quantitative skills to demonstrate that you can:

  • Align an appropriate statistical test to a research question you constructed.
  • Find data that meets the assumptions of your statistical tests and answers your research question.
  • Synthesize the results to articulately present the findings via an oral presentation.
  • Present the results in a formal, written document
  • Document how quantitative methods can assist with social change.



  • You are free to use data that you obtain on your own or utilize one of the datasets from the course but, to make the project more meaningful to you, it is highly recommended that you find your own data. If you use one of the datasets from the course, please make sure that you are not mimicking a project already posted in one of the weekly Collaboration Labs. You can find existing data through a number of clearinghouses on the web (i.e., NIH, ICPSR, NIJ, NCES,, etc.)..

Deliverables: TWO PARTS for this project.

  • The first is an oral 5-to 7-slide ppt presentation that should be targeted toward a lay statistical audience. That is, consider giving a presentation of your results to your co-workers/team, a group who might not have the level of statistical knowledge you now hold. Each slide should have a notes at the bottom that can be read for presenation purposes.
  • The third deliverable is a 7 to 10 page written product (title page, references, and SPSS output do not count in the page requirement) that details your approach, results, and interpretation of findings. I have provided an APA formatted final project template that needs to be used. This provides some extra guidance and incorporates directions that are found throughout the course in the template sections. See announcement regarding templates to get the template for the final project.

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