HIT420 Week 2 Assignment: The nurse’s role informatics.

Step 1 Read each of the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Helen has recently graduated from nursing school and passed her boards. Last week, she completed her orientation period on the medical nursing unit at Good Samaritan General Hospital.
  • Scenario 2: Paul is a registered nurse in the neurosurgery unit at Good Samaritan General Hospital. He has been a staff nurse for ten years and provides direct patient care. In addition, Paul chairs the unit’s nursing council to improve patient care.
  • Scenario 3: Lisa is a nurse manager and leads the medical intensive care unit and surgical intensive care unit at Good Samaritan General Hospital. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations, staff adherence to policies and procedures, staffing, and payroll.

Step 2 Explain the role of the nurse with respect to informatics in each scenario. Write a one- to two-page paper in which you discuss the role of each nurse in informatics. Use the following questions as guidelines:

  • How does the nurse in each scenario use informatics in his or her work?
  • What is the nurse in each scenario responsible for as it pertains to informatics?

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