hum112 week 9 discussion and response

Week 9 Public Works and Pop Art and Consumerism

Please respond to all of the following questions, using sources online or your text as the basis of your response (you will enjoy these topics, so take time to post on all of them!):

  • Describe two or three elements of Hamilton’s collage, Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing? that you find intriguing, offensive, or humorous and explain why. Here is a copy of the collage and some information about it:
  • What current items you would include if you created a 21st-century collage like Hamilton’s, where would you display this work, and how much would you charge if you were to sell it?
  • Take this interactive quiz about the value of modern art paintings at auction today. How many were you able to correctly value? Would you put any of these painters or paintings in your own Museum or hang them in your own home (why or why not)?



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Hello class and professor,

  • I find it interesting how Hamilton portrays how commercialized things were becoming. In many places on his collage he shows this for instance with the vacuum on the stairs “ordinary cleaners reach only this far”, the Ford emblem on the lamp shade and the Tootsie Pop. Throughout his whole collage he makes several statements with the poster referring to romance to the seductive woman sitting on the couch. The overall theme to me is showing the affect on society by way of media through movies and commercialization coming into the homes.
  • If I did a 21st-century collage, I think I would include a clip of modern news on the tv showing how much political conflict there is, some form of fast food to show how fast paced things have become, cell phones and gaming consoles to show how digital things are, and possibly a person covering their eyes to resemble how a lot of people feel now.
  • For the interactive quiz I guessed the value of 3 out of 6 correctly. I really like the painting by Marc Chagall “Nature Morte,” 1910-11 for it’s beautiful contrast of deep color and bright colors. The other peiceI liked was the sculpture by Marino Marini “Cavaliere,” Conceived in 1951. I would have both of these pieces in my museum so that others could enjoy their beauty.

Thank you,


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