media literacy

1. Find three different definitions of “media literacy.”

2. Introduce three media literacy definitions and explain which one is the best and why. Consider:

a. How are your definitions are similar to/different from the definition in the book?
b. Share your personal opinions about the most important elements of media literacy. For example, What’s your personal locus? What media skills do you have that could be stronger? What are the most developed skills you have?

Use your readings as well as class screenings to justify and illustrate your points.


1. 750-1,000 words typewritten in 12-point Times Roman font. If you are 100 words over or under the length you will be penalized. WORKS CITED PAGE IS NOT INCLUDED IN WORD COUNT.

2. Double spaced, with standard one-inch margins.

3. Include page numbers

4. Put your name on your paper, and start your electronic document title with your name.

5. Include a works cited page if you quote books and articles.

6. Include a thesis statement in your paper.

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