Outline for Week 2 Assigment ( Revision)

The Week 2 assignment is a formal outline for your academic argument, which requires understanding of weekly instructor guidance and College Writing Handbook chapters 1, 3, and section 2.1. In Week 1, you developed your topic and constructed a research question. In Week 1, you developed your topic and constructed a research question. This week, you’ve researched the topic and can begin to develop your argument. Create your argument based on the information you have gathered through research and tracked in your research notebook.

In this assignment, you will show that you are achieving important learning outcomes:

  1. Interpret information through close and critical reading.
  2. Demonstrate effective use of the writing process.
  3. Employ effective academic tone, style, mechanics, and citation method.
  4. Integrate relevant source material effectively and ethically.
  5. Support a position appropriate to the rhetorical situation.

You will submit a formal, alphanumeric, full-sentence outline formatted in proper APA style. The outline must organize your argument into an introduction, conclusion, and at least five body sections (approximately 550 words or more). The introduction section must include a working thesis statement, which is an arguable response to your research question. Each body section should contain a topic sentence and subordinate claims and evidence from at least five credible and scholarly sources. Paraphrases, summaries, and quotes must be cited accurately and used with integrity. This assignment requires a title page and a reference list.

Alonda, I appreciate that you submitted something, but this is not an outline. You have submitted an essay draft, and the point of this assignment was to engage with the outline form. You also didn’t find/use the required amount of scholarly sources, per the directions.

For the content, I’m not sure what your argument is, as you don’t have a clear thesis statement. You have a citation at the end of the intro paragraph, and I’m not sure why that is either. What is the argument? You need to avoid just describing a situation, and actually make an argument.

Please revise and resubmit this outline by end of day on 09/12. Email me when you have done so, in order for me to review/grade.

( 0.00 / 2.00) Argument Development

( 0.00 / 2.00) Rhetorical Development

( 0.00 / 2.00) Structure and Organization

( 0.00 / 2.00) Academic Honesty & Source Integration

( 0.00 / 1.00) Writing Skills/Grammar/Mechanics

( 0.00 / 1.00) Page Layout and Formatting

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