Review and Implement The Scientific Method Research in The Social Sciences Paper

Purpose of the Assignment

The scientific method is the accepted method of approaching research in the social sciences. The purpose of this assignment is to review and implement the scientific method to develop research in the social sciences.

Instructions: You have been asked to develop a lecture for your class on the scientific method. There are several steps involved in the scientific method. There are several models of the scientific method, some list more steps than others. Pick a model and complete the following:

  • List each of the steps and briefly explain its meaning
  • Explain how each step is important when conducting social science research.
  • Do you think any one step is more important than another?
  • Locate 2 credible journal articles that discuss the scientific method in social science research.
    • Explain in your post how the articles you selected are relevant to your final project. Do they support your topic, or at least, related in a significant manner to your topic?

Format: The assignment should be:

  • APA formatted
  • Approximately two pages in length
  • Include two professional references

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