Scholar of Change Video #1

For this week, you will observe and create field notes for the first Walden Scholar of Change video. You will view three more videos over the next three weeks as well.

Using the Video Field Notes Guide, you will practice (1) record-keeping notes, (2) describing what you viewed, (3) interpreting what you viewed, and (4) reflecting on what the video meant to you. These field notes will inform your Major Assignment 2: The Analysis and Interpretation of Qualitative Data which is due in Week 10.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the Video Field Notes Guide found in the Learning Resources for this week and use this guide to help you create your field notes for your video observation.
  • Review the Scholar of Change Video #1 found in the Learning Resources for this week. Note: You will have to view this video several times.

For this Assignment:

  • Create a folder called “Video Transcripts” on your computer. Download the transcript of the video found in the My Media Player for the video, save it to this folder, and clearly name it based on the name of the video.
  • Observe the Walden Scholar of Change Video #1 and use the Video Field Notes Guide to take field notes.
  • Save your notes in your Video Transcripts folder with a name that clearly connects the transcript to your notes for this video.

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