Third Journal response

Students should submit a short paragraph (around 3 or 4 sentences) commenting on any aspect of the assigned text for the class of 06/03:

González, Juan. Chapter 3: “The Spanish Borderlands and the Making of an Empire (1801-1898)” Harvest of Empire 27-57. Just read the 2nd chapter of the PDF, p. 27-57).

* PDF available in the Course Content are and also here: Harvest of Empire – Chapter 1 & 2 _1_.pdf

* Journal Responses could follow a variety of formats: they could comment on the general or specific topics of the readings, formulate questions about the text’s historical or theoretical argument or methodology, compare the text to a previous reading, or reflect on how the reading fits within the course’s unit.

* Due date: 06/03

* Late journal responses will be allowed but they will be penalized with a reduction of 5% of the grade.

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