Types of Claims

Determine which type of claim is represented by each of the following questions. Choose only one type of claim for each question, and use only one word in your answer: fact, value, or policy. If
it seems like one of the questions could result in more than one type
of claim, pick the one that would be the most dominant in the resulting

1-Should the U.S. president be authorized to employ weaponized drones to kill terrorists?

2-Is taking Adderall to increase concentration on an exam a form of cheating?

3-What would be the economic consequences of a carbon tax aimed at reducing carbon emissions?

4-Is burning the U.S. flag an act of free speech?

5-How effective is acupuncture in reducing morning sickness?

6-Is acupuncture quackery or real medicine?

7-Should universities ban the use of calculators during calculus exams?

8-Does the rodeo sport of riding bucking horses or bulls constitute cruelty to animals?

9-Why are couples who live together before marriage more likely to divorce than couples who don’t live together before marriage?

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