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The file has an format example. open it and you can see a format like ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. 

can use any words about ABAB CDCD EFEF GG , not must use those words
ABAB(grow garage, mow mirage) CDCD(son sun, red run bread) EFEF (foot
cook, soot suet look) .  But words in GG you must pick one from
there.(mend end, good should, taker hater)

The require is:

below John Hollander’s instructive sonnet in the formfrom Rhyme’s
Reason, A Guide to English Verse. The kind of sonnet form that
Shakespeare wrote — A poem of Love, or Time, in fourteen lines Rhymed
the way these are, clear, easy to quote– Channels strong feelings into
deep designs. Three quatrains neatly fitting limb to joint, Their lines
cut with the sharpness of a prism, Flash out in colors as they make
their point In what logicians call a syllogism– (If A, and B, then
C)–and so it goes, Unless the final quatrain starts out “But” Or
“Nevertheless,” these groups of lines dispose Themselves in reasoned
sections, tightly shut.  The final couplet’s tight and terse and
tends To sum up neatly how the sonnet ends.The three quatrains and a
couplet are written in iambic pentameter, which meanssimply that the
lines contain five iambic feet. (An iamb is a short or unstressed
syllablefollowed by a long or hard stressed syllable, such as in the
verb “assign.”)  For your sonnet you may useiambic pentameter irregular,
which means that you may have an occasional extra unstressed or short
beat,but certainly not in every line.Use the form below to fill in the
end rhymes that will be used: a  ________________________ b
_________________________ a__________________________ b_________________________ c_________________________ d_________________________ c_________________________ d_________________________ e_________________________ f_________________________ e________________________ f_________________________ g_________________________ g_________________________

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