Abilene Christian University Community Program Design Proposal Project

** This is a follow up assignment to Module 4 Course Project Implementation Plan and Funding, Module 3 course project Program Design, Module 2 Course Project Needs Assessment ***

The final part of your project is your reflection on the administrative process of proposing a new program for a Human Services organization. In a 1-2 page paper, reflect on the process of putting your program proposal together. Detail your analysis of each section of the project, including consideration of how the section pertained to administrative leadership in Human Services. Discuss challenges you may have dealt with throughout the process and what this implies for future leadership roles.

Your submitted assignment should include your complete program proposal along with your reflection piece. Connect each section of the project into one unified submission with the following structure and in APA format:

  • Cover page
  • Introductory paragraph that explains the proposal
  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Implementation Plan with Funding Goals
  • Reflection
  • Reference Page

Before submitting your completed project, make sure you have incorporated any feedback received from your instructor and made changes accordingly.

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