benefits to using “Lean Six Sigma”, management homework help

Respond to the following discussion:

There are incredible benefits to using “Lean Six Sigma” as opposed to one or the other, of course having either individually is better than a system which does not address maximizing output while minimizing cost. This combination overall is best suited for organizations not involved with mass production, organizations who deal with mass production should focus more on Six Sigma than relying on lean methods (although some components of lean can apply still).

The two programs work in tandem with each other on different spectrums of operations, this helps organizations to work on two sides of the puzzle in order to become successful. Six Sigma provides a foundation for organizations to boost operations to performance levels which are consistent and optimal while lean provides the organizations with a way to get rid of waste (Russell, Taylor, 2014). Lean provides operations with methods to reduce waste associated with excess inventory, being able to make what is needed – no more (Russell, Taylor, 2014). I think with the combination of the two systems, organizations can ensure that there is less risk associated with the smaller production lots as Six Sigma will push the outputs of the smaller productions to be of high quality with less defective products. This combination accelerates “the rate of process improvement” and helps “sustain the results” (Russell, Taylor, 2014). Using the two systems which both focus on reduction of cost through process improvement can really benefit operations incredibly.

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