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I need paper updated from feedback receive below if possible. Thanks in advance.

you’ve done some effective work here– this draft will provide you with a good start on your finished case analysis.

Here are recommendations for your final version:

Background/As Is
You’ve included a lot of background information about the case. Consider editing it to highlight the critical few facts you will analyze. Include enough of the background and “as is” of this case to indicate where you intend to focus your analysis.

SWOT Analysis
I recommend that you better focus a selective SWOT analysis — you have many of the elements already present here– to include more specific information especially in weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Include why the factors that you identify are especially important. Include answers to the questions: why did you select these factors from among all those included in the case, what consequence does each of the factors have in your analysis, how will this issue (whether a strength, weakness, opportunity or threat) factor into the future strategies for the company? Remember that you want to be more analytic than just descriptive. Your objective is not to report the facts, but to analyze the facts—to give them meaning and context and to make them useful in decision making.

Recommendations/Strategy for Improvement
Consolidate your discussion of recommendations and strategies for improvement. Identify two or three alternative strategies for capitalizing on the organization’s strengths and opportunities and for minimizing or remediating the organization’s weaknesses and threats. Defend one of these recommendations for change and improvement. What are the expected costs and benefits—what is the expected return on investment? How will your recommendations pay off for the organization?

Implementation Steps/Strategy for Execution
Include specific implementation steps for your recommendations and develop an overall strategy for execution. How will the organization execute your suggestions—what steps will they follow. What are the expected barriers or hurdles that will need to be overcome to successfully implement your recommendations? How will these barriers or hurdles be met?

Charts/Financial Analysis
In your final version, your required charts must include more than the presentation of the data– be analytical and evaluative in addition to being descriptive. Remember that you are not just reporting information; you are analyzing it. Answer the questions: what does the data show, why have you chosen to include this specific information, how can it be used, what action steps are supported by or suggested by the data. These are all questions you may want to address in your final draft. In addition, ask yourself: Are there other– more relevant data (in the sense of being supportive to your recommendations) that you might choose to present and analyze? Be sure to meet the requirement that you include at least two charts that analyze relevant data.

Support/Credible Resources
Meet the requirement that your paper employs a minimum of four reputable sources to support your main points. Your sources must be reputable– which in this context means that your source must be primary.

My post in Updates and Handouts, Guide to the Strategic Management Case Analysis Project may also be helpful to you.

I look forward to reading your final version of the case analysis– you are off to a good start.

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