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1. Read the chapter Understanding Nonverbal Communication pages 134-142. There is more in the chapter, but you are only responsible for reading pages 134-142.

Click here for the chapter. (Links to an external site.)

2. Write your responses to the following:

  • In your own words, explain how nonverbal communication relates to verbal communication. The reading discusses three (3). Be sure your answer reflects those three and your understanding of each.
  • List and briefly explain (1-2 complete sentences) the characteristics of nonverbal communication.
  • Select one (1) of the characteristics of nonverbal communication and give a personal example of how you have experienced this characteristic. This response should be a well developed paragraph (remember what that includes? Review if you don’t.)

Remember, the instructions say, “in your own words;” don’t just copy from the book. Read, understand, and write in your words

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