Public Service Ethics

The tabletop exercise serves to provide students with a framework for the application of ethical decision-making in real-world scenarios. For each scenario, your small group will be assigned a role which you are to assume. After reviewing the scenario and the assigned role, form a small group response outlining your decision and the reasoning behind it. Be sure to consider ethical theories and principles and answer in earnest. Your decision may not always be the most ethical choice, however you should explain the constraints in your decision-making process and state relevant reasons for your response. Responses should be at least one page and should be well thought out, organized, and thorough. Be sure to submit your group response by the due date according to instructions. Also, be sure to title each of your responses with the name of the scenario (e.g., Bad Boss) and your role (e.g., Executive Director).

Reviewing the Tabletop Exercise from this week’s Learning Resources.

  • Respond to the questions in the scenario from the perspective of the role to which you have been assigned
  • Analyze the ethical implications of your question responses and justify your responses

Look at Table Top Ex. Attachment

Scenario 5—Bad Boss: Independent Auditor (1 page)

Scenario 4—Bad Parent: Neighbor (1 Page)

Scenario 3—Bad Teacher: PTA President (1 Page)

Scenario 2—Bad Cop: Community Member (1 Page)

Scenario 1—Bad President: Industry Executive/Dono (1 Page)

APA Format


Public Service Ethics: Individual and Institutional Responsibilities

Chapter 9, “Corruption Control” (pp. 165-200)

Chapter 10, “Whistleblowing in Organizations” (pp. 201-227)

Bowman, J. S., & West, J. P. (2015).

Blind Spots

Chapter 5, “When We Ignore Unethical Behavior” (pp. 77-99)

Bazerman, M., & Tenbrunsel, A. (2011).

To Serve with Honor: Doing the Right Thing in Government

Chapter 6, “How Do Organizations Foster Unethical Behavior?” (pp. 71-86)

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The Whistleblower

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 120 minutes

Piovesan, C. (Producer), Rattray, C. (Producer), Kondracki, L. (Director). (2010). The whistleblower [Motion picture]. United States: Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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