Research on ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ U.S. Representative

Page count: 2-3 pages

Why is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admirable? Identify the crucial points in her educational and professional career that allowed her to reach her professional goals. Write a reflection on the key takeaways from Cortez’s biography as it relates to your personal career aspirations. I’ve got a few ideas of how you can approach this assignment and if you have questions feel free to reach out

● Talk about her career in public service. We can define public service careers as careers in elected office, public administration, and the non-profit sector.

● How she can aspire other people who would want to follow her career goals. How she can aspire people to become activists of what she stands for.

Has she fought for any policies? Made changes since the hold of her position? What does she stand for?

● You can use a range of sources to gather biographical data. Just be sure to cite your sources and to remember that Wikipedia is a good starting place for your research, but shouldn’t be your major source for credible information.

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