Davenport University WK1 Potential for Future Business Growth Final Paper

Identify a city or a neighborhood within a large city (eg: “Corktown”) that you believe has potential for future business growth. Then select a product or service that you believe could be successfully introduced as a new business in this city.







6 Points

City and industry are clearly identified with brief descriptions of each.

5-4 Points

City is clearly identified or industry is clearly identified and described (but not both).

3 to 0 Points

Neither city nor industry is clearly identified and described.Submit a one-page summary identifying your chosen industry and geographic area. Give a brief description of the industry and the geographic area. Give a preliminary statement about whether you believe a new business in this industry could be successful in this geographic area. (After you research your city and industry, it will be okay for you to change your recommendation later.)


2 Points

Preliminary recommendation is stated.

1 Points

Preliminary recommendation is implied but not explicitly stated.

0 Points

Preliminary recommendation is not presented.

Clarity of Writing and Writing Technique

2 Points

Writing is crisp, clear, and succinct. No spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors are made.

1 Points

Writing is generally clear with some unnecessary words, run-ons, etc. Writing structure is repetitive or similar to the source without additional interpretation. Few spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

0 Points

Information is too similar to the source without additional interpretation or perspective. Misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and improper punctuation are present.

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