Rowan College Machismo, Danger and The Intimacy of Power in Nicaragua Essay

Compare and contrast the variety of males’ and females’ views on domestic abuse in Managua, Nicaragua, relying on quotes from local residents as shown through Lancaster’s fieldwork and interviews there. How do each conceptualize and understand gender roles, in terms of this context? Elaborate on how gender roles are shaped by the cultural model of “machista” for men. Describe some processes by which this concept gets occasionally passed down to future generations.

Your writing should begin with an overview of your opinion and summary of data supporting it and rely on evidence from this week’s readings and any other pertinent course materials from this week, stated in a clear and organized manner. The writing should be approximately the equivalent of one page double-spaced with citations of our relevant sources to provide evidence for your argument.

Read Lancaster, Roger N. 1994. Beating One’s Wife. In Life is Hard: Machismo, Danger, and the Intimacy of Power in Nicaragua. Berkeley: University of California Press. (link here) (link here) – Alternative Formats

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