Research Methods in Criminal Justice

This week you will draft several sections of your research
proposal. Your proposal must be 4-5 pages in length and include a minimum of
five resources.

Retrieve the research
proposal template
provided in Unit 1

Set up your proposal to include the following sections:

Cover Page



Background and Literature Review

Research Design


Data Collection*


Note:You will leave space for sections marked with an asterisk (*) in
the Midterm and complete them for the Final Proposal.

Resource: Example
Midterm Proposal

Complete the following sections for your
Midterm Proposal:

  • Cover page:
    Follow APA formatting for the cover page.
  • Abstract: Create
    the heading and leave this page (page 2) blank. You will complete this in the
    final proposal.
  • Introduction:
    Including a brief history of the problem, you present your topic, problem
    statement, and some general information about your topic.
  • Review of
    Literature: Summarize at least five relevant/related research projects.
    This part of the proposal can be taken from a modified version of your Review of
    Literature from the Unit 3 Assignment, but be sure to address your instructor’s
  • Variables and
    Hypothesis: Give a brief description of your independent variable and
    dependent variable. Provide the specific hypothesis statement which includes the
    independent and dependent variable.
  • Research Design:
    Give a description of your research design and a justification of why this
    particular design was chosen.
  • Sampling: Create
    the heading and leave a blank section. You will complete this in the final
  • Data Collection:
    Create the heading and leave a blank section. You will complete this in the
    final proposal.
  • References: You
    must include correctly-formatted APA in-text citations in the body of your
    paper, and a matching reference list in appropriate APA form.

Format your work consistent with APA


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