Assignment 4: Keeping The Talent


Recruiting and retaining top talent is a key strategic goal for any organization. A strong company brand, effective leadership, and a positive workplace culture are important elements in attracting and retaining top talent. How can HR contribute to building an organization that attracts and retains top talent?


Your company has a new CHRO, who has been in the position for 6 months. One of the areas he is tasked to improve is retention of top talent. Employee turnover has been high in recent years and it is negatively affecting the company’s profitability and competitiveness.

You are the VP of Talent and the CHRO has asked you to help him prepare a presentation to the Board, outlining a vision for changes to increase retention. The CHRO previously worked for Google and he subscribes to their model of a “high-freedom” company. He wants to use ideas from Bock’s Work Rules, from his book of that name, as the basis for his presentation. As a reminder, the ten Work Rules are:

1. Give your work meaning.

2. Trust your people.

3. Hire only people who are better than you.

4. Don’t confuse development with managing performance.

5. Focus on the two tails.

6. Be frugal and generous.

7. Pay unfairly.

8. Nudge.

9. Manage the rising expectations.

10. Enjoy! And then go back to No. 1 and start again.

Research the topics in the list above, in relation to Florida Department Of Corrections.

Based on your findings, select the four topics above where you believe that change would be most impactful. Develop recommendations for implementing changes in those four areas. Identify how the changes you are proposing will attract and retain top talent. Consider how success will be measured for each topic. Consider the most likely challenges and resistance to the changes you are proposing, and identify ways to manage and mitigate those issues.

Prepare a slide deck of 12 to 18 slides, using the following structure:

• Cover slide (1 slide)

• Report findings on your four chosen items (4 to 6 slides)

• Present proposed change plans for those 4 items (4 to 6 slides)

• Describe how you will measure success after implementation (1 slide)

• Identify potential challenges and resistance to change and suggest ways to manage those issues (1 to 2 slides)

• References (1 to 2 slides)

FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS: • Your submission is in the form of a PowerPoint deck of 12 to 18 slides

• Apply slide design best practices: limit the amount of text, include images or charts, and format slides professionally and consistently

• Include a Cover slide with assignment title, your name, professor’s name, course title and date

• Include a References slide with your sources

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