explain how symbolism is used in this story

In 500-600 words, explain how symbolism is used in this story

essay should be a cohesive response (purposeful paragraphs, one unifying thesis, not list-like) to the use of symbolism to create meaning. Questions to consider include the following:

  • What symbol(s) did you notice in this story?
  • What “big ideas” do the symbols represent?
  • How do the symbols relate to the story’s meaning or overall theme?
  • Can these symbols be interpreted in more than one way?

Your first paragraph should include (a) the name of the story and author, (b) a one or two sentence summary of the story and (c) your thesis statement or main point about the symbols used in the story.

Your essay should be written in academic style (no first or second person, academic language, use of MLA formatting) and include examples or quotes from the story.

story is in link attached


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