i need proper writing skills and apa format is must. At least 1 references each assignment


a) Visit the ASPA website (Links to an external site.)and view it’s code of ethics and how these are implemented (Assessment Guide).

Which of ASPA’s ethical principles resonate most with you in your work?

Choose 2 principles from this code of ethics and explain why you selected these two principles in a 1-3 page paper.

b) Read the Gotsis and Kortezi article: Ethical Paradigms as Potential Foundations of Diversity Management Initiatives in Business Organizations.

These authors conclude that there are three distinct ethical frameworks that are pertinent and “can significantly enrich our understanding of differences, as well as the rationale for diversity management” (page 950).

These ethical frameworks are a) Kantian deontology, b) Aristotelian virtue ethics and c) ethics of care.

a. Briefly compare these three ethical frameworks and

b. Explain which of these resonates most with you and why, in the context of managing a diverse workplace?

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