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Using Project Management Methods in the Creation of an Effective IT Project Plan

The Problem:

Assume that you are working for a large accounting firm. You are in the

Human Resources Division and you have just been given the responsibility

to manage an IT project to install a new system to process everything

related to your company?s payroll, payroll tax records, and vacation and

health benefits. The system maintains records on insurance, state and

federal taxes, social security, and the like ? everything that you would

find on a typical pay stub. You pay employees both hourly wages and

annual salaries. The system is called PAYMASTER.

As part of your work you have decided to develop an outline of your

planning process using the structure of a knowledge areas/process groups

matrix as a basis for your outline?s first two levels. Then you want

to prepare a 2000 word summary of the plan. The following information

is designed to take you through that work. In your response you will be

providing either sample or full answers, depending on the nature of the

planning element that you are describing. In many cases you will need

to invent a number of the specifics as you develop your plan ? just use a

little imagination because there are literally thousands of elements

that would go into an actual plan or system.

Where specificity is required you will need to invent it. For example,

in your written plan it is inappropriate to say something like ?update

the scope statement.? However, ?Modify the scope statement to reflect

new tax codes for PAYMASTER? is acceptable and correct (sorry, you may

not use this example as part of your response.)

Prepare a single document as your response. The first part of your

document is your outline and the second part is your written plan.

First, Your Complete Outline:

Begin this section with the title: ?PAYMASTER Project Plan Outline,? and

outline your plan from beginning to end. Your outline must have four

levels. Remember, you are preparing an outline of how you would go

about planning the implementation of the PAYMASTER payroll and

associated records system using the knowledge areas/process groups

matrix as a basis for your outline?s first two levels.

Level-one like this ? level-one activities should have sufficient weight

to carry your plan. There must be a separate level-one activity for

each major element of your plan ? that is, each should be a MAJOR

element in your plan.

Level-two like this ? these are sub-topics for your major elements.

Notice that proper outline structure requires at least two level-two

items for each level-one item. More might be needed, depending on topic

at hand.

Level-three like this ? sub-topics for your level-two items. At this

level you are providing specific details for your level-two items.

Notice also, just as for level-two: ?? that proper structure requires at

least two level-three items for each level-two item. More might be

needed, depending on topic at hand.?

Level-four like this ? sub-topics for your level-three items. At this

level you are providing specific example of the details in level-three.

Notice also, just as for level-three: ?? that proper structure requires

at least two level-four items for each level-three item. More might be

needed, depending on the topic at hand.?

Another level-four

Another level-three



Another level-two, level-three, level-four

Etc. if needed

Level-one again, etc.etc. etc. etc.

Of importance ? outlines do not contain paragraphs. The idea of an

outline is to organize your thoughts, and it must be complete at the top

two levels. The MORE time that you spend building an outline the

BETTER your thought process, organization and content, and the EASIER it

is to do the next part of the exam.

Second, Your Written Plan:

Now begin the main body of your work. Write 2000 words describing your

plan. 2000 words is about eight pages, double spaced, 12 point font,

normal margins. For your written plan the standard is, as always, full

sentences ? nouns and verbs, and professional composition. Bullets,

lists, IM texting replies, bad spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or

grammar is simply not responsive to the task at hand.

CAUTION: recall that almost all of the major topics in the course

received a roughly equal emphasis. Reflect this emphasis in your paper,

both in the length of your sections and in content. For example, where

we did charts or tables, include specific examples, applicable to your

plan. Of importance ? these examples need NOT be complete, simply of

sufficient detail to communicate your understanding. In the real world,

for example, you would develop a very detailed WBS. For your paper it

will be sufficient to develop only a few lines, as examples that expand

on your outline for that particular section of your paper. Detail,

correct construction and content are important.

Begin this work on a separate page, with the title ?PAYMASTER Project

Plan?. Include headings and sub-headings that relate directly to your

outline ? they actually replicate the outline itself. Here is the

format for the headings in your plan.

Your level-one headings — italicized, bold, and underlined: Discus what

this element of the plan is about, why it is important, and provide

specific comment on how it applies in the PAYMASTER project. Place a

blank line before each level-one heading.

Your level-two headings — bold, and underlined: Here, discuss what this

element is about in the context of the PAYMASTER project ? that is, how

it applies to your plan. Mention of some specifics, to become

level-three elements, can be provided here if you wish.

Your level-three heading — italicized and underlined: Since

level-three elements are specifics, expand on your level-two comments.

Be specific ? how do these examples apply to PAYMASTER?

Your level-four headings — underlined: Since level-four elements are

examples, expand on your level-three comments. Be specific ? how do

these examples apply to PAYMASTER?

In many cases you should accomplish this by developing specific content ? a chart or a sample WBS, for example.

Your writing should be of sufficient detail to prove that you understand

project management — its principles, practices, and tools, and that

you understand and have thought carefully about your outline above.

Recall the admonishment in the opening paragraphs about specificity (the

?update the scope statement? example). OF CENTRAL AND CRITICAL


discussions using terms limited to those in the text will be deemed

inadequate. Discussions based on the text, but which engage specific

elements of PAYMASTER (elements that you invent as you develop your

content) are required to confirm that you actually understand the

meaning of the material in the text. You must have solutions to the

problem, not generally describe some project planning activities.

Finally, observe that there is no way that 2000 words will be adequate

for a project plan in the real world. The point of this exam is to

cause you to cover the points involved in managing a project and to

summarize those points. While your level-one and level-two outline must

be complete, your actual plan will be incomplete because of length

restrictions. But it must be reasonably developed with respect to the

contents of the course. That is, your level-one and level-two elements

should be comprehensive, and your level-three and level-four items of

sufficient detail to demonstrate what each level-one and level-two

element in your summary is about, and how it applies to PAYMASTER.

RUBRIC: The paper will be graded on a 100 point scale. One-third of

your score will be based the outline and two-thirds will be based on

your written plan, but notice that an inadequate outline will surely

yield an inadequate plan. It should also be apparent, from

specifications above that your adherence to the structural requirements

for your documents will play a meaningful part in my analysis of your

work. For the outline one-third of the score will be for a correct and

complete set of level-one and level-two activities, one-third for

appropriate and accurate level-three activities, and one third for

meaningful level-four activities. These formulas will then be applied

to your written plan, but with the additional requirement of relevancy

and specificity applicable to PAYMASTER. Critical elements include the

detail and evidence that you provide to prove that you understand the

concepts. In any case up to 15% will be deducted for either structural

or English errors, or up to 30% for both.

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