Self-Leadership, Health, and Well-Being – Discussion Question(based one a scene from a movie)

NOTE: Watch the 2006 Film The Pursuit of Happyness (*Note: That is not a misspelling of the film title) before posting to this forum. Please submit your posting by 11:50pm on Friday of Week 9

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The 2006 Film The Pursuit of Happyness: *Note: That is not a misspelling of the film title

A scene from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness helps to illustrate the relationship between self-leadership and stress management. Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is determined to build a future for his family, so he jumps at the opportunity to work in an internship program at a stockbrokerage. The only problem is the internship is unpaid. When Gardner’s girlfriend walks out on him, he is left to take care of their son. However, without a salary, Gardner cannot afford to pay his rent, and he and his son are left homeless. Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in his way, Gardner eventually triumphs, becoming one of the most successful brokers on Wall Street. The scene shows Gardner and his fellow interns as they receive daunting instructions on how to excel in the firm’s internship program.

Discussion Questions

  1. The intensity of his work could cause a stressful situation for Chris. Put yourself in his position—how could you use basic behavioral and cognitive self-leadership strategies to manage the stress that comes along with a job like Chris’s?
  2. How could Chris use emotional self-leadership strategies to reduce the stress generated by his job?
  3. How might fitness relate to Chris’s ability to cope with stress?

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