stage three: conclusion, Health & Medical homework Help (450 words)

Requirements –

All one file (integrate all Stages and references into a cohesive essay) – Deduction of 3 Points

MS Word (no .pdfwps, etc.) – Deduction of 3 Points

APA Format required – Deduction of 7 Points 

Cover page for titling 

Headings (APA version of section titles)

12 point, Times New Roman font only

Citations (In Bold) 


Must quote (as a citation – Red font text), and then reference content from at least 7 different areas (chapters or sections of chapter – not the same page) of the textbook, Russell’s (2013) Pastimes. – Deduction of 5 Points

All ten peer-reviewed sources (from Stage One and Stage Two) must be listed in the reference list (as well as any other source that was used such as the textbook)

Deduction of 5 Points

450 words minimum – Automatic Zero PointsTotal word count excluding quotes should be at least 1500 words.

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