UCLA Marge Piercys Science Fiction Work Question

We’ve been reading Marge Piercy’s science fiction work: Woman on the Edge of Timethroughout the quarter. As you know, Piercy’s novel is centered around Connie and her experiences in and out of medical institutions. The novel toggles between a dystopic present-day reality and the future (or does it???).

First: Do you find Piercy’s version of a possible future (the attitudes, behaviors, social structures, norms etc. found in the future she describes) compelling? That is, are there elements in Piercy’s imagined future that you find worth aiming for? Why or why not? On the contrary, are there elements of this future that you find less or not at all appealing? If yes, what and why?  If no, why not?

Second: Consider the various aspects of biology, medicine, and society that we’ve discussed this quarter, especially as they relate to questions of gender and sex, sexuality, race and ethnicity, and socio-economic status/social class. Consider what you have found most inspiring or promising and what you have found most limiting or problematic as regards the historical and ongoing relationships between biology and society. Now, step in to Piercy’s shoes and imagine what the relationships between biology, medicine, and society might look like in your preferred future. In other words, reflect on how the ideas, beliefs, practices, and values pertaining to the relationship between biology and society could be – from your perspective – made better going forward. Can the intersections of biology and society be different? Better?

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