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Your textbook discusses many of the psychological disorders identified in the DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) and the problems associated with identifying “abnormality.” I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but whistling while you work, rescuing princesses (or rescuing yourself rather than waiting for your prince), and eating hunny all the time is hard work! Behind the sunny facade are many dark and troubled cartoon characters. As a budding psychologist, your job is to bring your critical eye to our favorite cartoon characters and help to uncover the pathology that underlies the dark side of happily ever after.

To complete this discussion forum, first you must choose a cartoon character that you believe manifests behavior that is “abnormal.” The title of your original post should include both the character and the cartoon. For instance, maybe you decide to evaluate Pepe Le Pew from Looney Toons. Therefore, your title could be “Pepe Le Pew- Looney Toons.” Please also include a picture of your character.

In your original post, identify the likely diagnosis for your character. Your textbook describes 4 key elements that must be present for a cluster of symptoms to be considered a disorder according to the American Psychiatric Association (pg. 551-552) sometimes refered to as the 3 D’s (disturbance- not indicative of culture, dysfunction, and distress). Your post should include the following:

  • Character, cartoon, and diagnosis.
  • Give specific examples that illustrate the nature of the disturbance and your diagnosis.
  • Use the 3 D’s to address why your character meets the criteria for diagnosis.

Be succinct and persuasive. Your classmates should be able to make a clear connection between the character’s behavior/thoughts/feelings that you are describing and your diagnosis.

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