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Ethics in Psychology

Essay #1

For your first essay, you are being asked to conduct independent research in your formulation of a response to the issues outlined in the Hoffman report. An independent investigation conducted by David Hoffman of the law firm Sidley Austin concluded that psychologists in the American Psychological Association participated in the cover up of the actions of James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen in the CIA and, in fact, gave the green light to Jessen and Mitchell through the establishment of the Psychological Ethics and National Security (PENS) committee. In response to the report, the APA took several largely symbolic actions which are outlined in a link below ( / interrogations). As it stands, no real accountability has been taken against psychologists who engaged in torture, or psychologists who have engaged in covering up torture. Moreover, Guantanamo Bay still exists and some detainees have even died in custody. Finally, the current U.S. policy on torture has actually been to refrain from signing on to international resolutions condemning such practices.

What responsibility does the American Psychological Association have to be accountable for the actions of its members? What should be done to hold individual members accountable and remain in line with our professional ethics?

Please see rubric for details.

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Ethics Essay Sample Outline

5 pages (1000) words

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the arguments
    • Argument 1
    • Argument 2
    • Argument 3
  • Presentation of objections or counter-arguments
    • Objection 1
    • Objection 2
    • Objection 3
  • A response to these objections
    • Response 1
    • Response 2
    • Response 3
  • Conclusion

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