Creating an Affective Assessment Survey

Pretend that you are a sixth-grade teacher of English/language arts, science, math, or social studies (pick one of the four subjects) and that you want to learn a bit more about your students’ affect (attitudes, interests, values, etc.) in general as well as specifically related to the subject that you teach (English/language arts, science, math, or social studies).

Create an affective assessment survey (not to be confused with “effective”—see Chapter 10) for your students to fill out anonymously. This survey should contain at least fourteen items that may be in the forms of questions, ratings, rankings, or a combination of these.
The number of general affect questions versus specific subject area
affect questions is up to you, but there should be a solid sampling of

All items must be your original work and not taken from an outside source.

Once you have created your survey, pretend that you are one of your own students and “take” the survey yourself.

Share both the survey and your survey responses.

Text: Classroom Assessment: Seventh Edition. W. James Popham

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-286860-0

ISBN-10: 0-13-286860-1

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