Rasmussen College Sales Pitch Presentation

  1. Competency

    Distinguish factors that influence buyer behavior.

    Student Success Criteria

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    You are the new marketing manager for a beverage company, May Beverage Company. May Beverage Company has a plethora of beverages under their belt, but they have been refreshing some of their beverages. There’s going to be a team meeting with presentations about what changes were made during the refresh. Your first task given to you from your boss is to create a consumer buyer profile for one of the beverages that has undergone a refresh. You will give the consumer profile in a “sales pitch” style presentation in the next team meeting with all of the sales managers to support your idea.


    In a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, create a sales pitch discussing the following:

    • Slide 1- Title slide (includes name of product, your name and date)
    • Slide 2- Describe the new beverage changes
    • Slide 3- Explain the importance of creating a consumer buyer profile and its components
    • Slide 4- Explain the consumer buyer profile for the refreshed beverage
    • Slide 5- What is the new marketing strategy for the new refreshed beverage based on the consumer buyer profile?
    • Slide 6- Any additional slides needed to sell your new concept for the refreshed beverage
    • Slide 7- Ask for the “buy in”

    Note: Speaker’s notes are not required for this presentation.


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